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Products manufactured under the brand name Dierhoff, popular and in demand in almost all corners of the planet. Men's belts, wallets, card holders, briefcases, key cases, covers for documents, bags with the logo on the skin repressed Dierhoff - a stylish respectability understated simplicity, masculine elegance, the highest quality.

Leather goods for a long time Dirhoff buy in our country was practically impossible, and the prices rarely appear for sale models were available only to the elect. Now world-famous brand products can appreciate the residents of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Men's leather belts.

Without this accessory a modern man can not do, and the assortment of belts Dierhoff gives the opportunity to pick the model for any style. Volumetric texture durable leather with a variety of choices of decorative finishes, a wide range of classic colors, stylish buckle and stunning aesthetics - the main advantages of this manufacturer of belts.

belts Dierhoff

Purses and wallets.

Purse can tell a lot about its owner. Especially if it is - Dierhoff. Purses and wallets from this manufacturer eloquently emphasize reliability, great taste, elegance and masculinity of its owner.

Dierhoff purses and wallets


One of the main components of business style - respectability. Portfolios from Dierhoff offer much more: these products are more and elegance, practicality, convenience, solid appearance.

Briefcase Dierhoff


Regardless of age, social status, aesthetic preferences or financial situation, a man who uses a bag Dierhoff, commands respect. But this - just one of the many advantages of models of bags produced by this brand.

Covers for documents

The product range has Dierhoff leather covers for passports, identity, Auto Documents, as well as the combined model. And they are united by the original, easily recognizable style, respectability, excellent quality, truly masculine design.

Covers for documents Dierhoff

Wallets and Card Holders

Dierhoff cares not only about style, but also about your comfort: solid men's leather business card holders and key rings from this manufacturer are to be easy to use.

key rings Dierhoff

Dierhoff proved to the world that even the brutality can be elegant!
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